2. Blog Entry: Car Preparation

The travel preparations are going on. Mainly fixing and working on the car, but we also got our international drivers licence's+ car papers, some Vaccinations for the kids and visa preparations going on. I quit my office Job in January, so now there is no turning back :-)


We dont feel stress now, but its a lot of work! I am still working fulltime until the end of february. After working at the company, i am doing stuff on the truck.  Teo doesn't go to daycare anymore, so Minjung is taking care of 2 kids and trying to do as much work and reasearch for the travel during the day as she can. Many overlanders told us, that the preparation is the best time, besides the actual travel. And we can see how we get closer to it every day! 

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    ali (Montag, 04 Juli 2016 06:33)

    i see your vehicle in iran (tabriz)
    glad to meet u in iran
    i wish that U have a nice time here

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    Ramtin (Freitag, 05 August 2016 01:09)

    Hi, I saw your van in Anzali Port, Iran.
    I wish we could meet up and talk, if you're still around.
    Have fun and take care of yourself

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    ahmet (Mittwoch, 14 Dezember 2016 10:48)

    hi! when i was saw your car in turkey (istanbul) i said thats a really good life :D have a nice trip ....